Saturday, September 21, 2013

Welcome to my new blog and welcome to my "new"garden.

Strictly speaking only the blog is new as we have been living in our current house for 20 years so the garden is NOT new. However for various reasons the back garden has not been tended for donkeys years and is a complete mess. This is about to change as I am on a mission to learn how to become a gardener. My aim is to create a growing space to be proud of over the next 12-18 months and in doing so I hope to have a garden that I can sit in and one that provides me with some fresh veggies. I do adore flowers, who doesn't ? but my main aim is to have this garden as a mini veg growing area with plenty of flowers mixed in alongside. This blog will become my diary of a total novice learning how to garden. I hope I will have some brilliant successes as well as the failures that are sure to happen due to my in-experience.

I have been wanting to grow things for soooo many years but it keeps being put on the back burner. I have been lucky enough to have been given some plants from friends and family and have been sort of looking after them for the last year or so, growing them on into nice sized plants. They are a real mixed bunch of plants but I love the look of them all placed together. They will continue living in this spot until the structure of the rest of the garden has been sorted out. In addition I have another area that has just been developed when hubby halved the size of the shed and this is my new plantings area. It is a tiny paved area and houses a cheap and cheerful little coldframe that we bought a couple of years ago (been sat in the box ever since) and my new tubs with various bulbs planted last week. I have also planted some sweet peas in used milk cartons from an idea I found on Pinterest. They may not look very pretty but I am all for recycling where possible. They are the very first seeds I have ever planted so I will be watching them over the coming months.I also have a pair of young patio trees (an apple and a pear)  that were an unexpected pressie from Mum and Dad last year and they seem to have grown really well this year.

I am not physically able to dig a garden or do any heavy work so my garden is going to be based solely on container style gardening which will be easier for me to manage. Eventually I would like 2 or 3 small raised beds specifically for my veg but they will take time, Hubby is really handy at making things and in time I will no doubt be the proud owner of these beds for my veggies.

Well this will be all for today as I need to get some work done for my proper job which is teaching paper craft. I have a Christmas card class to create and prepare for this coming week and also a child's birthday craft party so I must get on.

Until next time......................